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Xevex Construction has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry specializing in concrete removal and replacement. We strive to maintain a professional, honest and dependable reputation and have the capability of providing services from Travis and Hays counties and other surrounding counties including Bastrop, Williamson, Comal, Bexar and Caldwell counties.

Xevex promises to continue to hone our skills in order to bring you only the highest level of concrete solutions.


We provide an extensive range of concrete breaking and removal services for projects for homeowners to commercial and industrial customers. We frequently use backhoes and bobcats to complete your demo which is more efficient on a smaller scale while still getting the job done right.

Concrete Placement

The placement of concrete is a very important operation, which largely determines the success of a structure and its durability. Particular care is therefore necessary and all the technical and cllimatic parameters must be considered.


We offer an extensive range of cutting options to help customers from homeowners to the largest industrial companies. In unusual situations you will find we can be innovative. We strive to make highly accurate floor cuts. Call on us for expansion joints, section removal, air and elevator shafts, drainage cuts, traffic control loop and other ground sensor installation, bridge repairs, duct openings, utility trenches. We have both the capabilities and the experience you need.


Even the best concrete has its imperfections in the form of cracks, discoloration, pop outs, and other flaws. While repairing concrete can help fix some of these flaws, the repairs themselves can be noticeable and unattractive. It’s no wonder, then, that many homeowners think their only recourse for improving the look of unsightly concrete is to rip it out and replace it. But if the concrete is in perfectly good condition otherwise, you can offer homeowners an economical alternative by giving the surface a complete facelift with a decorative concrete overlay.


Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete, is concrete that replicates stones such as slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood. Ideal for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios, stamped concrete is the perfect outdoor paving choice.

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