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Angielist Review

The Xevex crew was very professional, punctual, and above all, conscientious. They truly treated the job site with care and respect for the owner’s property. There were no smokers in the entire crew and therefore, no annoying cigarette butts left behind.
We first worked with Rick on the scope of work and estimate. Rick brought Ben and Javier, job site foremen, to the site to look over the project. Work was scheduled to start about a week after signing our contract.
The Xevex crew started bright and early on the agreed start date, with Ben as job foreman onsite the entire day, every day. Ben seemed to pride himself by actively participating in almost every task. Javier was also onsite most of the time, pitching in where needed. They took 2 or 3 days to demo old driveway and sidewalk, and prepare the new driveway location including forms, road base, and tied steel. The crew worked seamlessly with one another, each could take over the others task, and switch without skipping a beat. Once everything was ready for the concrete pour, rain persisted for about 2 weeks delaying the pour. When the rain broke, the crew came back out and prepped for concrete. It took about 2 days to complete the concrete pour. The crew was very careful not to let concrete splatter land on our house, existing structures, or anything that one would think it shouldn’t have concrete splatter on. The broom finish was very nicely done and the control joints were perfectly straight.
Ben, Javier, and the crew kept the job site clean and clear, not only during work hours, but especially at the end of the day. Xevex’s work was of the highest quality. And we were very pleased with the results. The only downside was waiting to be able to drive on the nice new driveway.
I would highly recommend Xevex. They have a quality crew and deliver a quality product.